Tools of the Trade

Perhaps what deters some from cooking is the fact they don’t have the right supplies to make anything. It is hard to do anything in life when you are not prepared, imagine painting a picture without brushes or showing up to class without a pencil. This is how I often feel when cooking in a kitchen that is not my own. I, of course, always get the job done, but I’m tired of flipping steaks with forks (piercing the meat releases delicious juices), fearing poisioning from scratched non stick pans, and cutting on a plate (cutting board anyone?). For those of you who dibble and dabble in the culinary world please step your kitchen game up, spend a little bit of money and make your life a whole lot easier, you also look wayyy cooler using the proper tools.


Cutting Board: 2 Plastic cutting boards, one for proteins and one for  everything else

Sharp Knive: Buy a size that feels comfortable for you, it’s better to have a cheap sharp knive that you replace every few months or so rather then a dull fancy expensive knive.

Tongs: Stainless Steel, needed for flipping, tossing, grilling…

Mixing Bowls: You shouldn’t be mixing pancake batter in a soup bowl

Non Stick Skillet: Mentioned in Eggscellent, one large and one small

Pots: One large 4 quart soup pot

Pans:  3 quart sauce pan, 2 quart sauce pan

Sheet Pans: At least 3 of varying sizes

Grill Pan: So good for cooking all proteins, get one with a grill side and a griddle (flat)

Bakeware: One 13×9 pyrex, Two 8 inch circles,

Strainer: I think I still have wounds from straining pasta with a putting a plate over the pot. Smh.

Utensils: 2/3 Wooden Spoons, Both kinds of spatulas, Ladle,

Dishrags: Multi task clothes for spills, drying, and handling hot things

Zester: Lemon and Lime zest make the world go round.

If you are really fancy and cook a lot add these in too:

Scissors:  For the kitchen only if you’re serious you’ll need them, trust

Mini Food Processor: Makes making dressings, spreads, choppin garlic so so easy

Blender: Smoothies, sauces, soups but make sure it’s a good one, don’t buy one at all if you spend less then 100 dollars.

That’s it! There is misconception that it takes a lot of tools and gadgets to create a masterpiece, thus leading to all these useless things in your kitchen that end up gathering dust and cluttering everything. But seriously, when’s the last time you used that bagel slicer or butter spreader?

Go over this checklist and please equip your kitchen, if I come to your house and you’re missing more then three items, I won’t cook and you shouldn’t either. We are not in college, no more irons as griddles.  It is so frustrating to not be prepared, but a few basic tools and the kitchen is your playground.

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