Ah. The crisp air of fall has returned in the mornings  which means “cuffing” season is upon us. Cuffing season represents everything that is wrong with love, relationships, and dating in America today.Primarily practiced on the East coast, the idea is that in the colder winter months you find someone to past the time with […]

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Stew You!

If you are tired of me lamenting about winter then please refer to the title of this post. In the record breaking cold of this week I found myself wanting to be a child again so it would be ok for me to have a meltdown on the street as the wind smacked me in […]

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Men Make a the kitchen

I’ve never had a guy cook for me, with the exception of one. He made these things called man meals, and actually they were for him and actually they were disgusting. Man meals consisted of things like eggs and hot dogs, Jack and The Box burgers with peanut butter and tacos, and 4 decker ham […]

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Dinner Impossible/Is possible?

It was 5:21p.m and the only thing I had accomplished all day was going to the gym. My pantry was barren and I couldn’t bear to eat oatmeal again. I was feeling lazy so I began to sift through the paper delivery menus. I stopped halfway through. I am a chef, I thought; I preach cooking is […]

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Steak in 3 Steps.

There is no need to spend a million dollars on a restaurant steak when it is so simple and quick to do it in your own home.  As promised in’s what’s for dinner simple tutorial on steak. 3 ingredients. 3 steps. You can do it! What you need Steak: Healthier choices- Sirloin, Eye of […]

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Apologies in advance to my vegetarians and vegan readers, but a good steak will change your life. In a time when chicken and fish rule, beef is a long forgotten meat. With so many rumors circulating about beef, it’s understandable why people many have strayed away, but I urge you come back to the light. Truth: […]

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