Magical Shopping List

I haven’t written in a while because life, as it tends to do, got busy. In my case it got real busy working seven days a week at two different jobs, still having fun in the city, and trying to maintain the mundane tasks of life (laundry UGHHH!). Like any young adult these would seem like the perfect reasons to eat out every night. However I have a shopping list that allows me to eat at healthily, quickly, and frugally at home.


Sweet Potatoes

2 varieties of Fruit-I normally have bananas and apples



Sliced Turkey

Almond Milk

Cereal ( think Raisin Bran, not a sugary disaster)


Peanut Butter


Microwave brown rice (one of my favorite things!)


Balsamic dressing




Cheese (I normally have feta or cheddar)

Trail Mix without Chocolate




So with this magical list you can make a quick sandwich, turkey & cheese, or you can get fancy and make a melt turkey, apple, cheese, egg. Oatmeal with almond milk and trail mix is a great way to start or end the day because it really fills your belly without all the extras. You can make a breakfast burrito with the eggs and chicken. Sautee some kale, grill chicken and heat up the brown rice for a complete dinner. Throw a sweet potato in the microwave for 6 minutes and sprinkle some salt it does wonders for satisfying a sweet craving. Bananas and peanut butter also is a good snack if you are craving something sweet. Make a quick and delicious salad with the greens, cut turkey, feta, and trail mix. If you’re really feeling lazy cereal is always there. Being busy is no excuse to not be in the kitchen. No one said how long you have to be there, all these meals take less then 15 minutes to put together and you of course can always put your own spin on these meals depending on what you have in your pantry.



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my life has been a very interesting journey thus far. in my quarter century crisis im and not certain of much except that i love cooking and entertaining, and pleasing people is my passion. (wait that sounded a little funny) i am goofy eccentric, and love to laugh, in fact i often laugh at the most inappropriate times. i place high value in honesty and working hard. i don’t really believe in faking it until you make it, without some base knowledge or some sort of depth to your cause. i believe in making mistakes and trying everything once as long as you bring yourself no harm and no harm to others. i am a new age hippy, my words to live by are freedom, serenity, and love. i look for signs of the world and listen. i do judge, anyone who says they do not is a liar, but i use my judgements against you to reflect back on me to see how i can better myself. i hate constraints of our society, including grammar, punctuation, and recipes. i think fast except when it comes to numbers. the culinary world has always been and shall be my safe haven and outlet. i want to inspire, teach, and learn.

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