0-2An egg scramble is the cheapest most satisfying meal one can make in literally a matter of minutes. Eggs are one of the most versatile, quick, and easy ingredients to transform into a masterpiece. Eggs can be the star of the show or the supporting actor.

First, let’s talk aboutsome key things you should always keep in your kitchen.


Olive Oil: A cheap blend is fine, lighter is better because it can be used in almost every application. The darker green colored ones (extra-virgin) tend to be really “green” tasting and should be used only when you want that specific flavor.

Eggs: Eggs by the dozen cost anywhere between 1.79-3.49 (if you want fancy organic eggs).  Typically you only need two/three eggs unless you’re a hungry hungry hippo, so that’s on average four foundations of a meal for a price of 1.28 or six meals for .88.

Salt: DUH! I like kosher salt because has a good texture so you actually feel how much you are adding, keep it in a little bowl and use your fingers to add. Saltshakers take the control away from you.

Pepper: Another duh, a pepper grinder is good because it is the freshest and adds the most flavor.


Non stick skillet- Literally you can buy this from Ikea for under five dollars and if you take care of if you can keep it forever (well almost)- I’ve had one I bought 6 years ago my second year of college. NEVER EVER use a fork or anything that can scrape your skillet, I’ve nearly bitten the heads of several people and that’s why my skillet is like new.

Rubber Spatula- This is key is keeping your non-stick skillet like new, used this and only this when making eggs.

So back to the egg scramble, three steps.

  1. Heat the pan with a tablespoon of so of olive oil.
  2. Look in your fridge and see what tid-bits you have left over, cheese, turkey meat, leftover fried chicken from KFC, fried rice, nearly wilted spinach? Take 1,2,3 of these items and throw them into the pan to sauté for a minute or two.Literally the sky is the limit here, but you have to make some executive decisions don’t just throw everything into the pan, try to think of what would go well together (critical thinking, I know scary, there are some ideas to start you off at the bottom)
  3. Take your eggs, which you definitely have on hand, and crack them directly into the pan. (Yea, there is no reason to scramble them in a separate bowl you have been lied to. Well the reason would be so the eggs would be fluffy and all one color, but we aren’t making a fancy omelette, why dirty a bowl, cooking is easy remember). Use your rubber spatula to cook them to your desired doneness, and voila! A delicious healthy meal you just created in minutes!

For those aren’t feeling the most inspired here are some excellent scramble ideas

South of the Border: Cheese, Salsa, Tortilla Chips

Hangover Fix: Any fast food you have, Cheese,  hold the cheese if its asian leftovers

Green Eggs & Ham: Ham Lunch Meat, Prepared Pesto

Garden Delight: any and all veggies

Turkey & Tomato: Sun-dried Tomatoes, Turkey Lunchmeat, Pesto Gouda (pictured above)

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my life has been a very interesting journey thus far. in my quarter century crisis im and not certain of much except that i love cooking and entertaining, and pleasing people is my passion. (wait that sounded a little funny) i am goofy eccentric, and love to laugh, in fact i often laugh at the most inappropriate times. i place high value in honesty and working hard. i don’t really believe in faking it until you make it, without some base knowledge or some sort of depth to your cause. i believe in making mistakes and trying everything once as long as you bring yourself no harm and no harm to others. i am a new age hippy, my words to live by are freedom, serenity, and love. i look for signs of the world and listen. i do judge, anyone who says they do not is a liar, but i use my judgements against you to reflect back on me to see how i can better myself. i hate constraints of our society, including grammar, punctuation, and recipes. i think fast except when it comes to numbers. the culinary world has always been and shall be my safe haven and outlet. i want to inspire, teach, and learn.

One thought on “Eggs-cellent!

  1. “but we aren’t making a fancy omelette, why dirty a bowl, cooking is easy remember.” I love this! I make the best omelettes when they aren’t planned. I just take whatever I see and think will fit together in a pan and voila. The greatest most deliciousness I will probably never replicate.

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